Our Story

Madrid, 2007 I was walking through the streets early in the morning waiting for my layover flight to Israel. I was immediately struck by the number of people wearing an Arabic keffiyehs on their daily commute. Admittedly I was attracted to this ancient scarf, with its different colors, textures and patterns for a moment I remember thinking, maybe I should get one, they look pretty cool and then it hit me, wait I can’t get it, I’m Jewish and we don’t wear keffiyehs, people that try to kill Jews do. As I arrived to Israel I could not shake this feeling of connection to this garment and while walking around the old city of Jerusalem I stumbled upon protest of young Jewish kids, though I could not read their signs nor make out what they were saying, I noticed that some of them were wearing keffiyehs which blow my mind, why in the world would they wear it..

As a designer and an observant Jew I could not reconcile the connection to this article of clothing, with the images of angry knife wilding terrorists that were fighting to exterminate my people. On my flight back to the states, those conflicting images were stuck in my mind until one day as I was reading the Torah, where Avraham was sitting in his tent waiting for the guest to come and I suddenly realized that since Avraham was a shepherd and in the Middle East everyone wore a version of a keffiyeh. All Semitic people in that part of the world both Jews & Arabs alike were wearing keffiyehs and that a keffiyeh is a Jewish, as it is Arabic. And that is when I decided to make a Jewish version of the keffiyeh. 


In 2009 with the help of my friend Erez Safar we launch what was called an Israeli Keffiyeh to much acclaim, but that name never sat well with me and not until I came across something named Sudra in a tractate of Talmud that I was learning, that everything fell in place. Now more than 10 years later and thousands sudras sold all over the world, I am just a passionate about it today as I was when I had the idea. 

Our Mission 

Semitic Tribes

is committed to uniting all Jews together embracing our collective identity, culture, heritage, history and purpose. To define that illusive definition of what a Jewish person is in 21st century, connecting our past, present & future. Rediscovering our spiritual identity through a prism of a sudra.


An ancient native scarf/kerchief worn by Yehudim/Jewish people dating back 3 thousands. The sudra has been mentioned directly and indirectly in ancient Jewish religious texts, including the Babylonian Talmud, book of Ruth. This interpretation of a sudra is an ambitious attempt to bring us back to the golden era of Jewish people to the time when we knew who we are, united in common purpose and connected to something bigger than ourselves.,Shabbat%20in%20the%20Babylonian%20Talmud.


Our Fabrics

Over the years we have created a multiple version of the Sudras, yet it seems that our fans strongly identify with our original version.

We are fortunate to partner with talented generational craftsmen from the far east to bring to these concepts from a sketch to

 a sudra that is worn the world over.  


We produce a limited capsule of sudras annually, coming up with innovative designs with focus of quality and environmental            sustainability.